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Your Smart
address book

- Saved and secured in the cloud
- Always available wherever you are
- Updated data
- Direct communication

About KangooSave

It's the smart addressbook that synchronizes, updates and unifies all of your contacts. Having them always available and without risk of losing them, it allows you to communicate through your favorite channels.
Our service-platform allows you to access your addressbook from any device, via web or App. It is an addressbook with higher entity that works 24hours for you, where you are the sole owner.

Did you know that at some point, we have all lost contact with the people that interest us?
From the moment we install KangooSave, problems for losing or changing your mobile, consulting different accounts or devices to find and communicate with someone will be solved.
When our contacts change their data, we are informed, and if we do, all of our contacts that have KangooSave, will also be updated automatically.
With this unique addresbook we find any contact we seek and communicate directly through calls, messages, emails or social networks.


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Pricing KangooSave

Keep your contacts safe in the KangooSave's cloud without duplicates and always up to date. Subscribe or renovate the plan from here!
* The stores of GooGle Play and Apple Store may apply variations to the reference prices of this website, depending on the countries of destination and their corresponding tax frameworks.


1 year


KS Bussines


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